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Training & Support

Purchasing specialists using Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform stand out in their careers with Pratis Certificate.

Expert Consultants

Your employees can participate in the Pratis ecosystem by taking the maximum-benefit-oriented training courses provided by our consultants, who are all experts in their fields.

Your employees, who will have the chance to practice on the system using the theoretical information that they have learned from our experts, will operate much more efficiently and effectively thanks to the training and support of Pratis.

Thus, all these processes that your organization needs will be managed more efficiently and you will benefit from the value-added functions of Pratis effectively.

Pratis is much more than just a software enabling you to manage your purchasing and e-Tender processes via cloud computing.

While the firms get the advantage of transparent procurement at an optimum price with the Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform, the purchasing experts will have the chance to improve their careers with Pratis User Certificate presented after completing the training courses.

Pratis also helps increasing both corporate and personal efficiency by contributing to the successful organization of negotiations and efficient purchasing processes.

Expert Consultants
User Friendly

User Friendly

Pratis can be easily used both by the buyers and the suppliers thanks to its user-friendly structure.

While the rapid adaptation of purchasing departments is ensured through training and support, the suppliers are also supported with training and support provided through the call center, web seminars and easy-to-understand manuals.

Thanks to the training and support feature of Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform;

  • You can manage all your purchasing and tender processes effectively, and benefit from technical support via phone or other opportunities such as help guide when you need information.
  • Thus, you can benefit from the value added functions of Pratis efficiently.
  • And you can improve your new hires regarding adaptation to and usage of the platform.

With the support provided through SabancıDx Support Portal and Call Center in a way that will allow SLA tracking within the scope of ISO 20000 Service Management Certification, you can free yourself from the workload by transferring the management of the entire process to Pratis consultants besides achieving business saving by applying the best e-Tender methods in your purchasing processes.

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