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A digital procurement platform with 2 billion dollar annual transaction volume and 59,000 electronic negotiations per year, Pratis is where you can meet the leading and strong industry buyers.


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Digital B2B Procurement Platform

Some of the advantages that you will get in the E-Purchasing processes with Pratis:

  • Financial Gain
  • Supplier Portfolio Improvement
  • Labor Saving
  • Transparent Purchasing Processes
  • Faster Processes
  • Fast and Easy Assessment
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Digital B2B Procurement Platform
Participation and Sales Process

Pratis provides you with a platform where you can meet with the purchasing firms and strengthen your relations. Grow your business and increase your sales with Pratis.

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e-Tender Notifications

Access the most suitable and most profitable tenders for your business rapidly with e-Tender notifications! Join more tenders with Pratis.

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While offering you a fast and easy sales experience with its convenient use, Pratis also enables you to create custom catalogs for the buying companies when you have signed long term framework agreements.

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