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Supplier Management & Evaluation

The only address to reach the supplier that meets your specifications fast and easy through a Supplier Pool is Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform!

You can follow a more practical and effective method in your supplier cooperation by meeting more than 30,000 referenced suppliers with Supplier Management.

  • Supplier management can offer huge benefits to your organization in respect of providing and managing thousands of expert suppliers with references and expertise in their fields.
  • By enabling you to maintain your interaction with the existing and potential suppliers in the digital medium, it improves your efficiency.
  • Provides cost advantage to your organization with its budget control feature.
  • You can easily create a custom approved supplier pool and a custom supplier acceptance process in line with your set criteria thanks to the electronic supplier management feature, and carry out your electronic tender and purchasing operations in a much faster and controlled manner with these suppliers in your pool.
  • Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform equipped with fast, easy and reliable purchase-sales opportunities adds speed to your organization with its error-free data entry capability, minimizing risks effectively.
  • Pratis offers customized, innovative and creative solutions to your needs besides facilitating your electronic purchasing operations.
Supplier Management

By moving your purchasing operations to Pratis, you can follow the performance figures of your suppliers for bidding and responding to orders. After you've submitted your order, you can rate the subsequent service of your suppliers by selecting a rating star on the user-friendly interface, enabling their performance to be measured periodically.

Moreover, the same suppliers are included into the Pratis supplier pool, work with other buyers and ranked by them as well. Thus, the supplier performance is measured generally in the system. By this way, you can easily see the high-performing suppliers in the supplier pool and invite them to your negotiations.

And by announcing your bid collection processes on Pratis Market Place, you can make the suppliers directly come to you instead of looking for them. After receiving bids from new suppliers, you can check their rankings and reviews on the system, and continue your process with a new round.

Supplier Evaluation
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