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Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform’s useful and practical features accelerate the processes with reliability and optimized costs as well as providing both the buyers and the suppliers with long-term cooperation opportunities.

User Friendly Interface

Training and support services enable the rapid adaptation of purchasing departments to Pratis while suppliers, on the other hand, could join the tenders directly via the app without any need for previous training.

Language Support

Connecting strong buyers with thousands of expert suppliers, Pratis is available in Turkish and English language options.

User Friendly Interface

Reliable Platform in ISO Standards

Information Security
ISO 27001

Ensures the security of all your purchasing information.

Business Continuity
ISO 223011

An uninterrupted and always active e-procurement platform that you can access whenever you want.

Service Management Standard
ISO/IEC 20000-1

Safety, speed and availability besides standardization in post-purchasing services.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

By benefiting from Robotic Process Automation services while using Pratis, you can achieve efficiency increase in your "Purchasing Processes" from supplier management to bid management, tender creation to contract compliance checks.

Robotic Process Automation
Flexible Structure

Flexible Structure

Pratis enables buyers to carry out their procurement processes in line with their corporate standards thanks to the flexible structure and rich capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Within the Pratis ecosystem, buyers meet with thousands of recommended and expert suppliers to carry out their procurement processes at an optimum cost.

Supported with cloud computing technology, Pratis ensures quick and easy use for both the buyers and the suppliers.

Advanced Reporting

Pratis offers an easy-to-use and flexible structure where you can review supplier performance and procurement process with reporting and analysis features.

You can manage your procurement process using numerous standard reports.

Purchasing analytics of Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform help you:

  • Monitor your procurement and supplier performance.
  • Keep your costs under control with expense and budget analyses.
  • Easily compare quotes and related data.
  • Examine your procurement operations with statistical summary charts.
  • Evaluate overall performance based on procurement savings.
Advanced Reporting
Mobile Usage

Mobile Usage

Improve your efficiency by getting the right bids in your tenders while strengthening your relations with your suppliers thanks to the tender monitoring, management and analytics that you can use anywhere and anytime.

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