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Customized Tender Consulting

Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform goes beyond the process management with Customized Tender Consulting service.

Relieving Your Workload

Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform remarkably accelerates e-Tender organizations of purchasing companies and provides 24/7 service with expert consultants, supporting you just like a member of your own team.

By saving time thanks to the always available consultant support, you can organize your e-Tender easily through the system.

The consultants track the process from beginning to the end and prepare various reports, reducing your workload and helping your employees focus on high level tasks.

Thanks to the customized tender consulting service of Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform; you can

Relieving Your Workload

  • get critical tips that will facilitate your digital purchasing and tender processes, and improve your efficiency.
  • take advice from your consultant regarding the product/service subject to the negotiation and the right tender method to be used.
  • decide your next move strategically based on the reports presented at the end of the negotiation.
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