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Pratis offers a digital purchasing platform, where more than 30,000 suppliers meet with tens of buyers though the transactions worth 3,2 billion dollars every year under 375 different categories.

Purchasing Process Purchasing Process

Purchasing Process with Pratis

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Digital B2B Procurement Platform

Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform eases the management of the entire purchasing process from price research for products and services to the ordering stage both for the suppliers and the buyers. Join Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform and add value to your business.

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Purchasing &

Pratis manages your E-Purchasing & E-Tender processes in digital environment and help your business to optimize the costs.

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Supplier Management

Supplier management can offer huge benefits to your organization in respect to finding and managing validated suppliers. It helps you meet the right people in line with your needs among more than 30,000 suppliers with expertise in their fields.

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Purchase Demand Management

You can easily manage all processes from request for proposal to delivery with the Purchase Demand Management feature of Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform. The process starts when you post your request and after it is confirmed through relevant mechanisms, you can rapidly proceed to the tender and bid collection process.

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Technical Evaluation

Sign up for Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform where you can assess the compliance of supplier quotes with your technical specifications in order to make the right, risk-free purchasing decision in an efficient and controlled manner!

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The catalogs offered by Pratis Digital B2B Procurement Platform ensure a fast and easy purchasing experience with an intuitive interface and helps you to take long-term business opportunities. Ease your workload with Pratis catalogs!

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